Territorial initiatives

SME DAY and Industry’s Future Generation

On November 27, 2019, companies open the doors of their factories to middle school children.

The goal is to provide them with additional tools for choosing the high school that awaits them.

To let youngsters learn about the world of business: it is with this aim that the Small Industries Committee of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese organizes the tenth edition of “PMI DAY – INDUSTRIAMOCI”, scheduled during the Business Culture week and organized by Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry).

PMI DAY – INDUSTRIAMOCI is an initiative that, every year since 2010, sees SMEs open the doors of their factories to school children: a project designed to help spread awareness in young children of the production plants and services in the surrounding area and their daily commitment in favor of growth and collective well-being.

A guided tour to transmit business culture to youngsters

The formula conceived for PMI DAY – INDUSTRIAMOCI is that of a directly visiting the company: this is not just any tour, but an experience designed and organized for third-grade middle school students who are faced with choosing which higher education path to follow. A fundamental decision for individuals and their families, but also for the whole region and the local production system, which stakes a large part of its future competitiveness precisely on the ability to attract the best talents. Hence the purpose of the initiative: to guide the judgment of young people on their own future by explaining and communicating what a company from Varese does every day, with its successes, its career opportunities, its history, its culture and its values. Respecting the ambitions and aspirations of everyone, the aim is to guide the children so that they can make the most informed choices.