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The ideal supplier for the hot forging and extrusion of steel parts

Acsa | steel forgings

A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings S.p.A. is more than a company: it is a large family, made up of a human capital of over 250 employees. This driving force is characterized by professional relationships, solid values, as well as know-how and expertise of excellence in the field of hot forging and extrusion.

Every day, we all dedicate ourselves to sustainable technological development, both for the quality of forged steel products and the respect of present and future generations.

A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings S.p.A. applies all Lean Management techniques and tools capable of making processes increasingly stable, flexible, sustainable and customizable, while minimizing waste.

An attention that is reflected in all the activities that are part of the production process and which include, among others, die design and production, calibration, magnet particle inspection, coining and shot blasting.

Our values


we provide all our collaborators, customers, suppliers and visitors with personal protective equipment, essential for guaranteeing an increasingly safe environment in the field of hot forging and extrusion.


we put our people at the center, guaranteeing them corporate well-being and continuous training. Teamwork is of fundamental importance to achieve all the objectives set to attain maximum added value.

Customer centrality:

our customers are our best partners. We create their forged steel products respecting all the necessary requirements, ensuring standards of excellence and quality.

Quality and innovation:

with the constant quest for improving the quality of our products, together with the ancillary services, we aim for innovation, as the key to success for the future.


we always have the utmost respect and attention for the environment during all stages of our production process. This is why we are always looking for new solutions aimed at preserving that which surrounds us.

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